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DSO connect Retreat 2020

Invest in YOU

Spend the weekend with other like-minded creative studio owners.  You will go home feeling rejuvenated with an actionable plan for your studio so you can be successful and live your best life!  Isn't it time?

An intimate weekend to recharge, reinvent and reconnect with other studio owners. 

Sample Schedule


* Welcome Cocktail Party

*  Dinner

*  Casual Dance Studio Owner Sessions (business, marketing, etc)


* Breakfast

* Dance Teacher Sessions (6-10 training


*  Dinner / Pool Party


* Breakfast

*  Breakout Implementation Session -   

    Start working on your plan of action!



Life Changing. I can not thank everyone enough for the insane amount of information but more importantly the support and love that was shared. I am lucky to have been a part of this unbelievable weekend. My life is better today because of you.


Well done ladies.  It’s so clear that your passion for helping others is huge.  This weekend wasn’t one of the fru fru rah rah events. It was about making connections, implementing meaningful solutions to business and getting work done.  Your knowledge base was amazing. You each had an area of expertise and could articulate them in ways that helped us all understand. You are true educators! The dance industry is better off because of you.

Erin Pride

Words can not express the joy I had while presenting at your amazing event. The energy in the room was fantastic and I am so so proud of the amazing opportunities you ladies are creating for the dance community. Next year I hope to stay for the entire event

What's Included

When: July 10-12

Where:  A grand estate located near Niagra Falls on the Canadian side. 

Included: Dance studio owner weekend: Lodging, food, drinks, and seminars (including Dance teacher seminar)

Price: * Studio owner weekend $670 ($350 deposit, balance due by May 15th)

          * Dance teacher seminar $160, Invite your teachers! (includes a catered lunch,

            does not include lodging.) 


                   (If you share a bed w/a friend or Admin Assistant you each receive $100 off)

Retreat 2020