5 Ways To Save Time In Your Weekly Schedule

save time schedule May 27, 2020
Here comes the new dance year... that means it's time to start re-evaluating your life, finances, and also your daily schedules. There is no time like the present to change up some things to save you money AND your sanity.
As a dance studio owner, our lives are busy, busy, busy, with a little bit of crazy sprinkled on top. Add in the 100+ tasks we need to accomplish to run our dance studios, and we need to find time to run our households and our families.
Do you find the daunting daily tasks hard to do? Are you playing catch up to clean your house, grocery shop, make school lunches, and be the 'taxi mom'? What about the family chef, or even finding time to do something for yourself like go shopping, get your hair or nails done, or even get a massage?
Hopefully, some of the ideas listed below will help you save time in your daily schedule and gain more time for yourself!
1. Take time to create your weekly schedule
This is a necessity so you...
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