Easy Dinner Ideas For Busy Dance Studio Owners

Easy Dinner Ideas For Busy Dance Studio Owners

Those of us that have families know the struggle of trying to balance the studio vs family life.  I know for me it was either the studio thrived and the family failed or the studio failed and the family thrived. 

Through the years I had a really hard time with that balance, especially when it came to planning dinners!

Don’t get me wrong, I actually love to cook, but most days were spent running the kids around, planning my classes, billing, and all the other 500 jobs us studio owners do, then when 4 o’clock rolled around and it was time to leave for dance, it was only THEN I was like "oh snickerdoodles" (reality check, I was more like ‘oh f*$&’), there was nothing planned for dinner.  That was when I was like ‘breakfast for dinner’ …. Cereal it was. 

Cue mom of the year award!  Don’t feel guilty, we have all been there before! 

I have to say…...

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The Never-Ending Drama Around Placement

It happens every year, despite my best efforts.  I am sure it happens to you, too.  I send out the dancers’ placement for the fall and inevitably, there is one parent that loses their grip on reality and shows a side of themselves that is so hideous that I wish I had never seen it!

But wait, before you assume that I just sent out placement emails all willy-nilly, throwing caution to the wind, let me take it back a step. 

In January (yes JANUARY) I have 30 minute, one-on-one goals meetings with our company dancers and parent, to discuss the work the student is doing in class, whether they are on track to reach their goals, and what they can be doing to improve.  I make it very clear that NOW is the time to be doing the work. 

Prior to placement being released, I send a masterpiece of an email (if I may say so myself) to all the dancers, explaining that there are 3 rungs of the ladder in each class, and a dancer must achieve success on each rung before...

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Why You Should Streamline Your Dance Studio

Multiple times you hear key phrases as to how you should be running your dance studio; streamlining, putting it on auto-pilot, and delegating.
But all you are thinking about is gaining more students to make more money.
Only problem?
It doesn't matter if you have 30 or 3000 students. You will never be able to grow your business if you don't have the proper procedures in place. If you are working non-stop day and night with only 30 students, just think what will happen when that number grows? You lose control very fast and you won't be able to sustain your numbers.
Let's start with the basics of WHY you should streamline your studio and why it is an important factor in your business.  If you don't realize the "why" you won't be able to realize the "how"...
Streamlining your dance studio will give you one enormous benefit (I lie, there are many, but this is the one that everyone loves!) FREEDOM!! Yes, freedom from...
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