Are You Ready For Fall? Things To Consider Post Pandemic

Our way of life has changed within a few short months.  No longer can we grab a beer at a bar (depending on where we live!), go to a concert, dance at a club or even go out into public without a face mask on. 

As we adapt within our personal lives to this change, we also have to think about how we are going to adapt to these changes in our business as well.  

Of course we are all familiar with Zoom, by now we all have our sanitizing plan down pat, and we spent late nights deliberating the traffic flow of our studio or our policies if and when we close down again.  

But what some of us haven't considered is the change in our daily tasks and all of our processes at the dance studio.

The more we look buttoned up and organized, the more our customers will believe in us and feel safe sending their kids back to the classroom.  All over the country, so many parents are up in arms with the school system because they can't make a decision on a tangible...

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