3 Secrets To Make More Money When Ordering Dance Costumes

costumes money May 27, 2020
It's that time of year again!
You stress and have nightmares about costume ordering; They won't come on time, you will receive the wrong sizes and will have to make exchanges, you forgot a costume, and now pay higher shipping. What does this mean for you?
That is something we NEVER want to do in our business, but sometimes, it seems that this happens more often then we would like.
So how do we STOP losing money, and make more of the 'Cha-ching'?
Listed below are 3 easy tips to remember and implement into your costume ordering process THIS YEAR!
This seems easy, but we all fall into the trap of not ordering on time or ordering from too many vendors and not maximizing the greatest potential discounts.
Make sure to have a task calendar and follow it faithfully! By ordering early, your guaranteed delivery, bigger discounts, and overall peace of mind.
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