Are You Ready For Fall? Things To Consider Post Pandemic

Our way of life has changed within a few short months.  No longer can we grab a beer at a bar (depending on where we live!), go to a concert, dance at a club or even go out into public without a face mask on. 

As we adapt within our personal lives to this change, we also have to think about how we are going to adapt to these changes in our business as well.  

Of course we are all familiar with Zoom, by now we all have our sanitizing plan down pat, and we spent late nights deliberating the traffic flow of our studio or our policies if and when we close down again.  

But what some of us haven't considered is the change in our daily tasks and all of our processes at the dance studio.

The more we look buttoned up and organized, the more our customers will believe in us and feel safe sending their kids back to the classroom.  All over the country, so many parents are up in arms with the school system because they can't make a decision on a tangible plan for the fall.  Because of this, a vast majority of parents are looking for alternative ways for their children to get an education. 

We can learn from this, formulate a plan and execute our strategy for a safe and healthy dance studio space!

Here are some things that we need to consider on top of our virtual classes, sanitizing and traffic flow:

1. Office procedures 

Do you have a plan for you front desk procedures?  You need to look at all of your processes, can you use less paperwork? How are you going to execute different desk responsibilities?

2. Classroom procedures

Along with Zoom, you need to be thinking about what you will do with your props, trials, and even holiday celebrations.

3.  Selling dance attire

Do you sell dance attire at your studio?  Unfortunately, you can't continue like usual and have tons of people crowding your space trying on shoes and attire.

4.  Special events at the studio

What is your plan for parent visitation, bring a friend, etc.  You know parents will be asking about all of these things.  It's best that you already have a plan and can answer confidently.

5. Costuming, measurements, open houses, and so much more!

Join us in August in the DSO Connect Member Vault as we dive deeper into each of these topics and give you ideas to social distance safely while still running your business and giving your customers peace of mind.

You can check out the DSO Connect Member Vault here: DSO Connect Member Vault.

This is a new world and we can be the leaders of how a business should be run safely and thought out so our customers, staff and students are safe.

You want to make sure YOU have a plan in place.  One thing you don't want to happen is your families constantly asking about these things, it looks like you are chasing your tail.  You want to be at the forefront educating your families about what you have planned for the year.  Preparedness goes a long way!

You can start by making a list of all of the things you do during the year, then think about what needs to be changed, what can stay and how you will communicate this with your families.  

We know it's frustrating, you spent all of this time setting your processes in place and automating your studio, and now this.  But think of it in another context.  Now is the time to change your policies, your way of doing things.  Think of this as a reset.  Did something not work for  you in the past and you were afraid of backlash if you were going to change it? NOW IS THE TIME!  No one questions "We had to do this because of Covid, to make our environment safer for everyone".  

Now is the time to reorganize your studio and make it the studio YOU always dreamed of! 

Let's crush this together!



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