Why Your Dance Classes Need Class Captains

Even if your not a competitive dance studio, choosing class captains can be very rewarding and also good for team building.  They give your students a sense of leadership, responsibility and also working together.

Why should you choose a class captain?

Choosing a class captain can help make your job a little easier.  You can have them take attendance for you, start warming the class up, or reviewing last weeks choreography.  At recital they can make sure all of the dancers are ready to perform, everyone's hair and make up are correct, start practicing the dance, or lead a team warm up prior to performance.

Class captains are also there to give their team encouragement, make sure no one is left out, and that the team comes together in a unified fashion.

How do you pick your class captains?

There are a multitude of ways to pick class captains, you could take a class vote and let the kids dictate who they want for class captain or you could choose based on maturity, emotional intelligence, and leadership.  Your class captain may not be your strongest dancer but the one that is the most dependable, fair and uplifting.

3 things to look for when choosing a class captain:

1. Great communication skills

2. Fairness and emotional maturity

3. Positive outlook 

Whatever route you take, you have to make sure that you guide and lead your class captain.  You could write out a guidelines for them to follow, you could have a training day on leadership or you can just teach them throughout the year on what you would like them to do.  

A few topics you can touch upon with your class captains:

1. Lead by example 

2. Always listen to your teammates with an open mind

3. Encourage everyone equally

4. Focus on technique, and how can you help your fellow teammates.  Correcting positively

5. Make sure no one is left out in the classroom


Choosing class captains can be a rewarding experience for your competition AND your recreational classes.





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