The DSO Connect Retreat - What Is It All About?

Let’s get to the bottom line; are you lonely as a dance studio owner?  Do you yearn to speak to like minded individuals while learning pertinent information to run your studio? I mean, who hasn't heard their husband or boyfriend say "Are you talking about dance AGAIN?"

This DSO connect retreat is for you. 

There are a whole host of reasons why this retreat by far outweighs the bigger retreats where you are just a number being fed overwhelming information 24/7.

At DSO Connect, our retreats are limited to small numbers (12 in person, unlimited virtually).  You will literally spend 24 hrs connected with like minded individuals where you can talk, vent and share your dance experiences. 

Let's walk you through the weekend at the DSO Connect retreat:

Friday afternoon –

You arrive at the retreat house, probably feeling a little apprehensive, you met these women online, but what will they be like in person? And you might be thinking to yourself, what if we don't get along? (I know it's juvenile, but the fear is real!) 

Pulling into the driveway, you are blown away by the huge residence, with a pool, hot tub and an almost 360 degree water view.  You grab your bags and head into the house and are welcomed by the founding six members of DSO Connect.  After a tour of the house and being shown to your room.  Your handed a cold beverage (think wine!) and hang out in the kitchen exchanging information about your studio and your life history.  You think to yourself, this is gonna be a pretty good weekend!

Once everyone arrives (and it’s great because everyone arrives at different times), we head into the presentation room, and by this room we mean ANY room in the house!  It changes with the topics and quite possibly the weather, including the patio and pool area!  On Friday we talk about systemizing your studio.  This reviews the 9 pillars of areas in our business where we need to focus and delegate to make sure things are getting done! 

After the presentation, we have a wonderful and delicious home cooked meal and chat some more about our dance studios with the six founding owners of DSO connect as well as other retreat members, forming lifelong relationships.  That evening after more wine and drinks and talking non stop (and maybe a dip in the pool!),  most retreat members already have a plethora of information to take home and implement in their studio. 

Saturday morning we wake up to the smell of a delicious and hearty breakfast, and set ourselves into a full day of seminars about various topics within dance studio ownership.  Our binder workbook helps us keep in order everything that we are learning, going over, and implementing through the weekend.  We stop for another delicious lunch, then dive back into a few more seminars.

Sat Evening brings a pool cocktail party which is so good for the soul to be able to dress up and be fancy as well as eating wonderful hors d'oeuvres and sipping fruity cocktails.

Sunday we are up bright and early to embark on two more seminars and then after lunch we jump into an implementation day.  For those of you that don’t know what implementation day is, it is a day that we take what we have learned and start making an action plan to utilize the information given over the past few days.

During implementation, each participant figures out what they want to start changing in their studio and makes an actionable plan.  We all divvy up into separate groups and our DSO Connect leader helps us actually work on things to move our studio forward, so that we leave with work started or done.

We end the afternoon saying goodbyes to our new friends and know no matter what challenges come at us from here on out, we have people to call upon, ask for help or are there to vent and exchange ideas. 

This retreat has been a life changer and a huge influence in helping my studio be as successful as it is today! 

For more information about the DSO Connect retreat, click here!

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