Easy Dinner Ideas For Busy Dance Studio Owners

Easy Dinner Ideas For Busy Dance Studio Owners

Those of us that have families know the struggle of trying to balance the studio vs family life.  I know for me it was either the studio thrived and the family failed or the studio failed and the family thrived. 

Through the years I had a really hard time with that balance, especially when it came to planning dinners!

Don’t get me wrong, I actually love to cook, but most days were spent running the kids around, planning my classes, billing, and all the other 500 jobs us studio owners do, then when 4 o’clock rolled around and it was time to leave for dance, it was only THEN I was like "oh snickerdoodles" (reality check, I was more like ‘oh f*$&’), there was nothing planned for dinner.  That was when I was like ‘breakfast for dinner’ …. Cereal it was. 

Cue mom of the year award!  Don’t feel guilty, we have all been there before! 

I have to say… Pinterest saved my life!  There are so many great recipes, or freeze ahead recipes that makes your life so much simpler.  You just have to plan ahead! 

Usually on a Sunday, I will sit down for about one hour, plan menus for the week and develop a grocery list which I then order groceries online and pick up the next day (or you can opt for delivery), and one more thing, DO NOT feel guilty doing that! It is a huge time and money saver. 

Sometimes If I’m feeling really motivated, I will make some freeze ahead meals that I can defrost and whip into a meal within 30 min! (or your kids can or … gulp!... even your significant other!).

My biggest time saver these days is my instant pot!  It cuts cooking time considerably.  I make fall off the bone ribs in 60 min, beef brisket in 75 min, and pulled pork in 60 min (cut up the roast and you will find the cooking time is so much faster). All of this is virtually no prep!

There are ways to feed your family on a busy time schedule.  One of our biggest challenges with 5 kids is everyone has different schedules and eats at different times. 

This is how we make everyone happy:  dinner is ready by 4 pm, so the kids grab it when they can.  For instance I’ll make taco meat, and put all the fixings in bowels.  One kids grabs tacos, one does loaded nachos, one makes a buritto, one does a taco salad.  Voila, everyone is fed and happy and mom looks like a hero….LOL.

Here are some dinner idea links that I swear by:

Freezer / make ahead meals -  I've made a bunch of meals from this site and they were delicious!

Instant pot ribs - we make this easy recipe at least once a month.  Prep and clean up is  a breeze!

Instant pot pulled pork - you can use this on sandwiches with coleslaw, on tacos, salads, wraps, the list is endless.

80 easy weeknight meals - Looking for some easy meals, there is something for everyone.

If you think it’s too daunting, start small, try one pre made meal a week.  Even if you plan ahead for 2 or 3 days out of the week it makes life so much easier! 

Even if you take one day and chop onions, peppers, etc, throw them in baggies and freeze them, you can just grab and go when you need them in a recipe!

As you can see there are lots of time savers when it comes to preparing dinner that will make you and your family  happy.  Let us know what works for you!


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