DSO Connect's Favorite Things

Today we are going to talk about some of our favorite things.  These are things we cannot live without on the daily, they help make our lives a little easier and more productive.  

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Robin loves her essential ginger oil that she drops into fizzy water for a mid-day pick me up or to kick start her morning.  One of her favorite brands is the Doterra Ginger Essential Oil.  Another product that Robin uses everyday is her Bulletproof MTC Oil that she puts into her smoothies for a mental jolt of adrenaline.  This assists in her productivity for the day, giving her sustainable energy and focus.

Amanda has three favorite things.  First, she cannot live without her Apple Watch.  She has the freedom of seeing and responding to texts, changing her music during class and so much more and all hands free.  Her second favorite thing is stitch fix.  Don't have time to go shopping or stay up to date on the latest fashion trends?  Stitch fix is personal styling for everybody.  Their professional stylists hand select clothing based on your personal quiz.  Win win!! Amanda's third favorite thing is her Erin Condron planner.  This planner is visually beautiful and keeps productivity and schedules on pointe!

Holly loves her Pasties!  Yes, that is an inside joke within the DSO Connect group, but they come in handy and are great to sell at the dance studio, especially for costumes that cannot accommodate a bra.  Instead of purchasing these little puppies for $20-$30 at retailers, You can order them from Aliexpress for as little as $1. The only drawback is that shipping may take a few weeks, so order in bulk!  Holly's second favorite thing is her Fire TV Stick.  She cancelled her cable and uses apps like YouTube TV and Jay's TV to watch more shows and movies than with cable (and saves tons of money too!)  With the Fire TV stick , you can also access Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu and tons of other apps.

Tami loves using Profoot Heel Rescue Cream.  Being a dancer we all know the abuse our feet endure! This cream helps soften the skin and minimize the heel tears that comes with dry skin.  Tami also loves her Brother Inkvestment Printer.  It's super fast, quiet and comes with ink for one year of uninterrupted printing.

Heather uses Canva on the daily.  This up-levels her business by professional looking posts, ads, fliers and promotions.  Canva is a super easy to use image editing program.  In no time, you can design social media posts, brochures, ads and so much more!  Another program Heather uses is Evernote.  This is her one stop platform for everything to keep her organized.  It stores passwords, takes notes, copy webpages, manages projects and so much more!

Casey subscribes to Splendid Spoon, an online meal service provider.  No time to cook? Or during those crazy recital times, a meal service delivery program is such a time and mental life saver!  Casey's second favorite thing is her Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink lipstick in the color Dancer... of course!  Who doesn't feel sexy in a matte red lipstick?

We would love to hear about YOUR favorite, can't live without things!!



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