Dance Recital Checklist

Yes, it's that time of year again!  With most recitals being canceled last year, it's a little daunting thinking about putting on a recital again. 

Do I even remember how?  LOL.

In this weeks blog we are going to go through a checklist of things for your recital to help jumpstart your memory (or maybe give you some fresh ideas!).  Don't forget that the more prepared you are, the easier the performance!


Recital Packet

Make sure all your information is listed in one place for your families to easily access.  Whether it's on the parent portal, your website or in FB.  The more you have this readily available, the less questions you are asked!  At your studio front desk you can make a QR code so parents can easily pull the information up on their phones.  You can also include your QR code on FB and in emails.

Recital Programs

Make sure your programs are ready early enough and picked up from your printer  (or delivered).  If you are going the digital route, you can cut down on your paper waste, and hand out a single sheet with a QR code so families can pull the program up on their phones. You can also email a digital copy so families can print them at home and bring along.

Lists, Lists and More Lists

Keep a running list of things that you need to transport to the recital.  You can box them in bins with colored lids for easy accessibility.  Here is a breakdown of things you use at the recital:

       Backstage: Headsets, floor tape, scissors, signs, extra lineup papers, programs, music, prop checklist, class mom schedule, wine (just kidding), safety pins and a sewing kit, first aid kit

       Lobby: Step n repeat, banners, signs, red carpet, balloons

       Registration Table: iPad, forms for summer & fall, DVD forms, flowers to sell,          square reader, cash box and change, pens & highlighter, notebook, extra tickets, volunteer schedule, seating charts, tights to sell, recital t-shirts to sell, snacks & drinks, signs, hand sanitizer

Also make sure to check in with your venue a few weeks prior to confirm the dates and times and also what requirements they may require due to covid restrictions.

Let's make 2021 the year to crush our recitals.  By being organized you look professional, feel professional and will put on a seamless show!


Break a leg - You got this!



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