Creating A Membership Site For Your Studio

Ever since our world went nuts in March, we have been hearing the word “pivot” again and again from our mentors.  As a Dance Studio Owner, that’s a daunting prospect.  I don’t want to run a business devoid of giggling children, sweaty dancers and helpful parents buzzing around.  I long for the “old normal” where my building is brimming with people and our events are lively and filled with healthy sized audiences. 

I started thinking about how I could balance the past with our impending future, planning the fall reopening in a safe manner, while also creating an online revenue stream that would serve as a safety net if we are forced to shut down again in the future. 

I am so excited about what my team and I have been developing at our studio, and I want to share it with all of you.  It involves a Kajabi Membership Site, all the info your parents would need to know to thrive in your studio, and a steady stream of money dripping (or pouring) into your bank account each month!  Want to hear more?  Read on! 

Membership Sites are all the rage right now.  Everyone I know belongs to at least one online Membership Site where they pay a small (or not so small) amount each month in exchange for content, videos, bonuses and more.  As consumers, we also belong to brick and mortar Memberships (think YMCA or the gym). 

What if we were able to combine the two into a unique opportunity to serve our customers better while providing the financial stability to keep our businesses viable? As established business owners, we already have a customer base, so you will skip over the part where you have to build your membership.  Your site will start off with a healthy enrollment by default, if you take advantage of this time to transition your existing customers seamlessly.  There is no time like NOW to make this change in your business. 

Here is what we are working on at our studio:

Through Kajabi, we set up a Membership Site.

 We filled the Membership Site with all the things we would normally have in our studio brochure, our handbook, and the stuff that we plan to distribute each month.  Our families will love having all this info in one organized place, and can clearly see all the things they should be paying attention to, on a monthly basis.

We also added Membership Benefits that our Members can take advantage of, both in the studio, and online. 

There will be videos and links to schedule Zoom meetings on a variety of topics, guest speakers, trainings and so much more!

The next step is getting our families onboard, so here’s what that looks like:

Everyone MUST join this Membership Site in order to enroll in any LIVE classes at our studio.  We are starting with a low monthly rate, but plan to inch it up each year, as we add more and more value to the site. 

At this point, we are expecting about $3,500 per month to flow in from the Membership Site, and we plan to funnel it to a separate account that will serve as an emergency fund in the event that we are mandated to close our doors again in the future. 

If you want to listen in as we go even deeper, attend the DSO Connect Virtual Retreat!  I will share in more detail all the things we are loading into our studio membership, and we can even help you get yours set up and started!


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