5 Ideas To Make More Money Throughout The Year

Uncategorized May 06, 2020
Like most dance studio owners, by the end of September you have reached your potential steady monthly income. Other than a few add or drops, your student numbers and tuition will be consistent for the next nine to ten months. Typically, we are looking anywhere between $5,000 - $50,000 per month depending on your studio size.
If you are not happy with your monthly numbers, there are ways you can help supplement your income to bring more business to your studio!
1. Sell Merch
We like to use the term Merch, but of course, we mean Merchandise! This can be anything from Studio team wear, classroom attire, shoes, legwarmers, Christmas gifts or recital gifts. We do dance jewelry, makeup, and bun makers. We even put together preschool kits which include a dance bear, and dance prop materials from class. This is a huge success with our mommy and me program, especially when looking for Christmas gifts for their 2-yr. old!
2. Offer 8-week sessions
8-week or even 6-week sessions are great to offer, especially if students don’t want that extra commitment for a yearlong dance program. It is also a no brainer to market a new style of dance to your existing students! Some sessions that are popular in our area: Mommy & Me, Preschool Arco, Contemporary Workshop for ages 6-9, Musical Theatre (market to your local high school as well). Cheer/Dance Team Basics, Beginner Tap, Any Adult class, Salsa or Ballroom dance, Yoga, Heels class (for adults). The list is endless! You could add an extra $1000 a month by offering a few ‘add on’.
3. Parents night out or Specialty Camps throughout the year
Holidays are a great time to offer parents night out camps, who wouldn’t want to drop their kids off at an event, go for a nice dinner or holiday shopping, all while your child is being taken care of and having fun!
Don’t forget about specialty camps, these are great to offer a few times during the year. You can run a winter camp during the break, Valentine camp, spring camp, or even themed like a JoJo camp or princess camps. If you enrolled 15 kids in a camp (we enroll more like 25!) you could make over $500 by just charging $35 for an hour and a half camp!
4. Birthday Parties
When you have children, you can only do so many birthday parties at a trampoline park, beauty salon, or even a roller-skating rink. Parents are ALWAYS looking for something new and exciting for their birthday child. Look at it this way, you already have tons of students that you can market to in your studio right now! Hosting birthday parties is also a great way to get your name out to non-dance friends! Don’t forget to add your brochure or a special offer to the goody bags.
5. Community Events
I get it, most of you are going to say, “We don’t really get new students with community events”. But here’s a no-fail way to gain more students at these events!
First off, let there be no illusions, no one is signing up for dance classes at community events!
The key to gain more students is to run one of YOUR events the week after a community event. You can use the community event as a marketing tool.
We like to run a free dance class the week after our community event. We hand out postcards with the information and where they can register. You can offer a free dance class, a six- or eight-week session, or even a specialty camp. Whatever you choose make sure there is an action plan in place!
This past year, after a community event where we advertised our free dance day, we had 20 children signed up, 17 ended up registering for dance class. That means our community event gained us over $900 per month or over $10,000 for our dance season.
Another great idea is to gather emails for marketing purposes by raffling off a ‘dance’ basket or a ‘barbie’ basket or even raffling off a few costumes. You can also have them spin a game wheel for a prize if they write down their emails.
We hope these ideas help spark a few ways for you to continue making money throughout the year! The more money we generate as a business, the more financially secure we become, the more our studio grows and the more we achieve the freedom to live our dream lives

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