10 Questions To Ask Your Child After Dance Class

Uncategorized May 06, 2020
As a parent, I find it frustrating when my child participates in an activity and I ask them afterward “How was class?”,  “What did you learn?”
Their response is “I don’t know” or “Nothing”.
As a parent it makes me wonder if the activity is worth my money and if my child is actually learning anything.
Now, on the flip side as a dance teacher, I will teach an awesome class
where I see so many improvements. The children are starting to
understand the steps, follow directions, and join in when I ask questions.
I believe that they are going to go home and gush about how wonderful class was, everything they learned, and how they absolutely LOVE dance.
We as teachers have no idea that when we unleash these little dancers into
the world they will respond to their parents as if the class didn’t mean
anything or all they are doing is playing ‘games’.
It’s disheartening.
So we have come up with a few questions you can pass along to your parents to try to engage their child and discuss what happened today in their dance
Our goal is to convey to the parents how beneficial and rewarding dance class is while connecting with your child! Oh, and you could also use some of these questions no matter what activity your child participates in!!
10 Questions to ask your child after dance class
1. Tell me about a dance step that you learned today?
2. Do you think you could teach that dance step to me?
3. Did you make a new friend in class today?
4. Were you kind to someone at dance class today?
5. Do you think we can stretch together? Can you show me some
6. What are some of your favorite songs that Miss ____ plays in dance
7. Did you do something particularly well today?
8. Did you struggle with a dance step today?
9. Did you have fun?
10. What is your favorite part of dance class?
By actively communicating and using specific questions, your child will be
more willing to talk about and show more of what we actually do in dance class.
This will give you a better understanding of what your child is learning. If
you have any questions about a class, we welcome you to set up a meeting
with the instructor and/or the studio director.
Happy Dancing!

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