The DSO Connect Retreat - What Is It All About?

Let’s get to the bottom line; are you lonely as a dance studio owner?  Do you yearn to speak to like minded individuals while learning pertinent information to run your studio? I mean, who hasn't heard their husband or boyfriend say "Are you talking about dance AGAIN?"

This DSO connect retreat is for you. 

There are a whole host of reasons why this retreat by far outweighs the bigger retreats where you are just a number being fed overwhelming information 24/7.

At DSO Connect, our retreats are limited to small numbers (12 in person, unlimited virtually).  You will literally spend 24 hrs connected with like minded individuals where you can talk, vent and share your dance experiences. 

Let's walk you through the weekend at the DSO Connect retreat:

Friday afternoon –

You arrive at the retreat house, probably feeling a little apprehensive, you met these women online, but what will they be like in person? And you might be thinking to yourself,...

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The Customer Experience - Go Above What's Expected

To understand what our customers need; we need to understand the customer experience.   Look at any business (not just dance studio’s) that you frequent.  Think about how that business makes you feel. 

Let us take an example: You go to get your nails done. You enter the waiting room and soft relaxing music is playing.  There is a sweet smell of lavender in the air.  The lighting is dimmer which makes you feel secure.  There is a sign in desk as soon as you walk in, so you know exactly what to do.  There are interesting magazines for you to look at or a tv that is turned on for you to watch while waiting for your appointment.  As a customer, you might not consciously notice all these things described, but subconsciously, you know how it makes you feel, and you can’t wait to be back.  You tell friends and family about it and shout it from the rooftops. 

No, dance studios are not nail salons, but what experiences can...

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Tips For Discounted Travel - Studio Owners Need A Break!

Dance studio owners lead a rough life!  We eat, breath and sleep dance.  Of course we all need to get away to recharge and reboot to bring back the creativity! 

But here's the dilemma. You dream of traveling more, but you don't have the dinero to jet set off every time the urge strikes or perhaps you can afford multiple vacations, but would prefer NOT to pay full price!

Whichever your economic station in life may be, EVERYONE can benefit from applying these tips to save money when planning a vacation. 

1. Rewards Credit Card - I always feel like I am shouting this from the  rooftops, but as long as you pay off your card, the rewards are HUGE!!! 

You can receive free flights and hotel rooms using credit card points. But let me interject with the fact that you have to choose the RIGHT card and pay it off RESPONSIBLY. Before going this route, DO YOUR HOMEWORK, it can payoff big time!

I am totally kicking my backside for not doing this sooner in...

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Props For Your Performances

performances props Mar 13, 2021

Do you use props for your dances?  I believe they add so much value to a dance when used properly.  They enhance the audience experience and adds to the theme of the performance.

Let's be honest, props are also an easy fix for those dancers who struggle a little bit more on stage.  With a prop, the dancers feel more at ease and you are able to expand on the choreography, making the overall product look great!

So, what are some prop ideas? We are going to go through a list of ideas that you can your for props in your choreography.

1. Furniture - We've all seen these before.  Chairs, tables, mattress, stools, full length mirrors,  This year we are using a crib with the sides off as a sweet dance for my 6-8yr olds.  It's a 'bed' and they are dancing to "The Place Where Lost Things Go" from Mary Poppins.

2. Docks - This has seriously been one of my most used props!  We had a dance dad make 2 docks and we have used this multiple times!  There are...

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The Costume Experience For Parents

As dance studio owners, we like to ask ourselves how can we provide the best experience for our customers?  There are many avenues within the dance studio where we can improve customer experiences; communications, in studio classes, virtual classes, recitals, costumes, registration and so much more! We want to make sure we WOW our parents in every aspect of dance studio ownership.  This will boost your customer retention and happy customers love to spread their experiences word of mouth.  

This boosts YOUR business!

So let's talk about the costume experience.  Take a moment and pretend you are a first-time parent, you don't know the process, you don't know what is included and you don't know the expectations.  All you do know is that your paying a lot for a tiny costume your child will wear a few times.  So, now what does your costume communication look like?

Write down a process to educate the parents, what information do you need to tell them?


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11 Ways To Clean Choreography

You spent all year teaching your students with lots of grueling nights figuring out choreography, formations, and costume selections.  Now with only a few months to competitions and/or recitals, you watch your dances and think to yourself, "Something is not right."

Your dancers are not together, they look sloppy and no matter how many times you rehearse, you can’t get your dancers on track.  Or maybe you came home from a competition with judges results and awards that you feel your students did not deserve. 

Do you say to yourself “They did an awesome job; I don’t understand why they only score higher?”.

This is the difference between macro cleaning and micro cleaning your choreography.  Most instructor’s macro clean their dances, meaning they generally clean but don’t go into specifics for the dancers.  The instructors that micro clean produce stronger dancers and clean choreography.  They dive deep into the...

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It Takes a Village - How a Team Will Help You Succeed Faster, and Build a Stronger Business

Are you a one woman show?  Do you feel that you have to "do it all"?  You find yourself making the decisions, answering questions and emails and trying to come up with ideas yourself.

We are going to talk about why team is necessary if you ever want to grow your studio.  If you are using the excuse "I can't afford to hire anyone" you should be asking yourself "I can't afford NOT to hire anyone".  

Here is why:

1. One of the first team member you should invest in is your admin/front office staff.  Think of this as the gateway to you!  They can filter easy questions, listen to gossip in the waiting room (so you can nip it in the bud) OR listen to complaints so you can rectify those problems, and help with daily studio tasks.

My office staff is the first ones into the studios, they check bathrooms, make sure the studio is clean, turn up or on air and heat, check phone messages, and so much more!  During the course of classes, they are the...

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Create a Killer Morning Routine and Slay the Day!

As the New Year approaches, what better time to create new habits?  And with 2020 being the doozy of a year that it was, I bet there are a lot of things we’d all like to change!

The way you start your day sets you up for success (or lack thereof) so it’s essential that your morning routine be killer! 

I have been reading a lot this year about how successful people design their mornings, and I have been extracting bits and pieces to create my own routine. 

Here are some things I am playing around with.


Charge it in your home office or somewhere else, but NOT in the room where you sleep.  Be sure it’s silenced.  Worried that you might miss an emergency call in the middle of the night?  Tell your loved ones to use your landline for emergencies.


Experiment with waking up 15 minutes earlier, each week until you get to a time that really suits...

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Easy Dinner Ideas For Busy Dance Studio Owners

Easy Dinner Ideas For Busy Dance Studio Owners

Those of us that have families know the struggle of trying to balance the studio vs family life.  I know for me it was either the studio thrived and the family failed or the studio failed and the family thrived. 

Through the years I had a really hard time with that balance, especially when it came to planning dinners!

Don’t get me wrong, I actually love to cook, but most days were spent running the kids around, planning my classes, billing, and all the other 500 jobs us studio owners do, then when 4 o’clock rolled around and it was time to leave for dance, it was only THEN I was like "oh snickerdoodles" (reality check, I was more like ‘oh f*$&’), there was nothing planned for dinner.  That was when I was like ‘breakfast for dinner’ …. Cereal it was. 

Cue mom of the year award!  Don’t feel guilty, we have all been there before! 

I have to say…...

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Trial Classes - Should You Offer Them?

Do you offer free trial classes at your dance studio?  Some studio owners love them, and some despise them. 

Your opinion might be that of being troublesome, too much work, the follow-up is confusing, and most students slip through the cracks because there are no processes. 

Personally, I think they are an integral part of building your student basis… IF they are done the right way. 

Let me take you through my process of trial students at my studio

- We have 2 types of trial classes.

  1. If an inquiry that we receive by phone or email is not quite certain about signing up, we offer trials on the classes they are interested in.
  2. We look at classes that have low enrollment and offer and advertise for ‘free trial classes’ on those specific classes. If you go this route, make it an event. We call ours “sparkle days” you can call it ‘princess trials’ or ‘glitter days’, you can even give a free gift like a tutu,...
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