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DSO Connect is a vibrant community of dance studio owners. The six founding members; Casey, Robin, Holly, Amanda, Tami and Heather are all current studio owners who teamed up with over 90+ years of studio ownership knowledge to assist you in managing and cultivating your dance studio. Weather you are just starting out or you're already a business owner looking for more help and support to grow...we've got you covered! We have so many resources to help you make the progress you want no matter what stage you're in.

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Join us in the DSO Connect Community on Facebook where we connect with our members every week on live calls to discuss current topics.  We also host Wine Down Wednesdays to chat over a glass of your favorite beverage!  Our community with over 200 members is always non-judgemental and here to help us ALL grow.

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Dial into our exclusive connected community to unleash your greatness as a studio owner in our DSO Connect Monthly Member Vault.  In our 'Vault' you will have access to monthly content, including masterclasses, done-for-you social media templates, task calendars, workbooks and worksheets, access to past content, and so much more!

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DSO Connect Retreat

Join us for our first ever virtual retreat!  Stay in in the comfort of your home where you can talk dance with like minded individuals.  It's jammed packed with classes, seminars and actual implementation so that you leave with actionable plans to grow your studio!  

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DSO Connect is a strong community helping you uplevel your dance studio business. You will find the help you need within our group, even if it's as small as a sounding board to vent! Don't you want to make a full time living doing what you love and working less?

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Tap into our resources as we discuss popular topics to help you run a successful studio while maintaining your sanity!


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